Previous Projects

Previous Duolingo Construction Projects

Project Omnia Gel Mix and Fill Plant

Built and installed a complete working platform with filling tables. Built frame structure and installed the Omnia supplied filling machine.

Installed the Omnia supplied tank, agitatorand pump. Installed piping for the plantwith cable and pipe runners. Built and installed a dry product filling chute. Did the civil alterations for the mixing tank.

Blend and Loading Station at Omnia Hectorspruit

Installed the pumps, PLC panel and instrumentation supplied by Omnia. Completed all the pipe runners and piping. Created supporting structure for Coriolis flowmeter and panels. Installed all the auto valves supplied by Omnia and did all the wiring and air supply to instruments.

Piping Projects for Omnia Dryden

We installed all the filters, pipe runners, pipes, hand valves and auto valves.

Project Support Work for the APP Plant at Dryden

Civil work completed for a second plastic storage tank. Installed the new storage tank supplied by Omnia. Did all the alterations to the ready installed piping for these storage tanks.